Monday, November 25, 2013

updates on Taurus

hello john wanted to inquireabout motor bill.i told you ill call you when its ready ...its been months its not rocket science.      youtube   new hampshire consumer protection

Well upon receiving a call from Manchester Police, John completes the Car

it runs well ...   A Good Mechanic yet this went to far when I stopped by to check he was laughing with another man at his Gas Station.  That is why I went to police with paperwork which I had for over two weeks ???  guess i was a/b testing ???

                                    Who's laughing Now ???

              Golden Roll Chinese to open Thursday, Sorry for delay ...

  we try to meet your lunch n dinner needs
                       delivery from golden roll chinese resteraunt

who ya happy holidays ...

William Merola is the owner of this Blog.  Why is it that when a Company like Google gets so large , they can't figure things out ???   Iam impersonating myself, hm what does that mean ???  I've worked for BayBank, ???  Marriott Food Services , Friendlies , Howard Johnson's , filed TAXES ... Yet Google says Iam impersonating a character, myself ...  So upon receiving my insurance lic.  in New Hampshire, Vermont , Maine, and Mass. I decided to open Flash Transport and deliver Chinese Food for You ...  and yes I have some blogs etc trying to utilize technology ...   ???
                                          Asw W Clement Stone said, yes if you don't succeed at first, do try again,  and again,  three strikes and your out in Baseball ...   So Do keep Trying ...   See You on Thursday when Golden Roll Re-open's ...


traveln north to enjoy all the beauti offfed in new england...   

Tuesday, November 19, 2013